Changing The Technology Landscape
NanoRay transmission X-ray tube technology can centralize the energy spectrum by changing targets
so that contrast and resolution are improved for better image quality.

80% less radiation

The radiation absorbed by humans can be reduced by more than 80%.

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space saving

The light-emitting angle is over 130 degrees.

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10% of conventional
X-ray tube

Energy consumption can be reduced by over 90% compared to conventional X-ray tubes.

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4x more efficient

Light-emitting efficiency can be promoted by over 4 times compared to traditional light source.

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Superior image quality

More than 2 types of focused radiation can be produced by combing various elements to differentiate densities.

Cancer Therapy

Characteristic photons generated by the patented
transmission X-ray technology of NanoRay Biotech
can trigger “Auger effect” in specific heavy atom,
enabling highly efficient cancer treatment

Medical Imaging

M-series products are the core components designed for two major applications:
Baby Fluoroscope and Cone Beam Computed Tomography
(Dental CT).

Industrial Automatic
X-ray Inspection (AXI)

N-series products include the
key components of X-ray source module
and the customized inspection systems.

Founded in Taiwan in 2007, NanoRay Biotech Co., Ltd. has dedicated to the research and development, and pproduction and manufacturing of patented Transmission X-ray technology.

Origin of this technology from the world-renowned physicist Dr. Frederick Seitz, who was honored as the father of solid-state physics, worked with Dr. C.G Wang, the professor of physics in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to establish the Nanodynamics-88, Inc. Laboratory in New York, U.S.A. and NanoRay Biotech Co., Ltd. Joint technology development.

After years of hard work, NanoRay has successfully developed this unique innovative technology with commercial product specifications and market application value. According to the particularity and functional advantages of its single-energy light products, it has invested in three major technical applications and market development.

CEO Maick Su