2023 / 9 /11

Nanoray Biotech Co., publishes research and development results, international Symposium of Auger Electron attracts attention.

NanoRay Biotech is invited to present its current progress of Auger Molecular Therapy on Sep. 7, in 10th International Symposium on the Physical, Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects of Auger Electron Processes.

2022 / 11 /16

Revolux hand diagnostic radiology imaging system will be launched at the ``Taiwan Healthcare Expo 2022``.

Revolux Hand Diagnostic Radiology Imaging System has been approved by the US FDA and will receive TFDA in December 2022, and will be launched at the “Taiwan Healthcare Expo 2022” booth M1132 from December 1st to December 4th.

2022 / 10 /31

Nanoray X-ray Non-Destructive Testing devices improve industry Quality Ccontrol

Nanoray has many years of experience in X-ray technology research and development, which is used in various industries, provides X-ray inspection solutions that meet the needs of industrial intelligent manufacturing, and also promotes AXI technology. Welcome distribution agents to discuss cooperation opportunities.

2022 / 10 /13

Revolux received great praise at the ``Taiwan Expo 2022`` in Washington, USA

Nanoray and INCX develop the Revolux hand diagnostic radiology imaging system – lower dose and safer. Revolux can provide applications such as bone age in children, bone density and rheumatoid arthritis.

2022 / 9 /25

“Congratulations to NanoRay Biotech for IND approval by US FDA for AMT clinical trial”

BIODURO-SUNDIA, a partner of NanoRay Biotech, posted congratulations for IND approval of NanoRay Biotech’s Auger Molecular Therapy (AMT) by US FDA for phase 1 clinical trial.

2022 / 9 /15 

Auger Molecular Therapy (AMT) is approved by US FDA for first-in-human trial

NanoRay Biotech announced that AMT, an innovative cancer therapy modality has been approved by US FDA for phase 1 clinical trial. AMT is a combination therapy that includes a heavy-atom drug and the local irradiation with characteristic X-Ray beams, which lead to anti-cancer effect via induction of “Auger effect” in cancer DNA. AMT has been developed since 2016, verified for its efficacy and safety by pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and toxicology studies in pre-clinical models, and received IND approval in Sep. 2022. The first-in-human trial will be launched in Taipei Medical University Hospital (Taiwan) in 2023.

2022 / 8 /24 

Nanoray successfully demonstrated a variety of industrial X-ray machines at ``Automation 2022``.

Nanoray, a leading X-ray tube manufacturer, exhibited X-ray component counters and X-ray inspection equipment with multi-axis operation for electronic SMT factories at the Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition at Nangang Exhibition Hall from August 24th to 27th. The inspection and X-ray machines used in different fields such as green energy materials, food safety and drug testing, academic research projects, etc. have been recognized by the industry.

2022 / 8 / 5 

Development of X-ray Non-Destructive Testing for Lithium Battery Manufacturing Process

The article discusses the application of X-ray technology in the inspection of various battery products, such as detection of foreign matters in raw materials cell stacking accuracy detection, electrolyte leakage detection, etc. which can effectively improve the quality and safty of batteries.

2022 / 5 / 1 

USFDA approval of Revolux

On May 1st 2022, it was announced that Revolux officially gained approval from USFDA. For future application, NanoRay Biotech Co. aims to provide a better healthcare service in the medical needs of children’s bone age diagnosis, bone density detection for both the elderly men and women, early diagnosis for rheumatoid arthritis, as well as hand bone reconstructive surgery.

2021 / 11 / 4 

Children's Bone Age Diagnosis X-Ray System won the ``Taiwan Excellence Award``

Congratulations to Nanoraybiotech’s Child Bone Age Diagnostic X-ray System_ RevoluX, which won the 30th “Taiwan Excellence Award”.

2020 / 7 / 1 

Formally stationed in BioHub of the National Biotechnology Research Park for cancer treatment research and development_AMT

Nanoraybiotech R&D team was selected by the National Biotechnology Research Park and entered the BioHub for cancer treatment research and development.

2020 / 5 / 26 

NanoRay News-Art painting restoration, research and detecting

X-ray non-destructive detection is a detection method that does not directly touch the object. Researchers can usually use it to evaluate the integrity and physical properties of the object and find valuable details that the naked eye cannot detect without harming the paintings and artworks.

2020 / 3 / 2 

Major breakthrough in industrial inspection_NDT

Nanoray is committed to the development of non-destructive industrial inspection technology and equipment products. Existing AOI and AXI equipment take excellent images…

2020 / 4 / 20 

NanoRay News-Food foreign material detection

In recent years, with the vigorous development of social media and the rising consumer awareness, the control of foreign materials in food has become an issue…

2020 / 2 / 20 

Nanoray officially enters the medical imaging diagnostics market_MIS

Nanoray cooperated with Shanghai Medical Company to develop the detection of children’s bone age, and successfully developed a small-sized desktop low-dose children’s bone age detector. X-ray modules have officially entered the medical imaging diagnostic market.

2019 / 5 / 14 

Breakthrough in non-destructive detection (NDT) applications

Nanoray has made a great breakthrough in the application of non-destructive detection (NDT)…

2020 / 1 / 2 

Positive response from US FDA, commercialization of our Auger cancer treatment has made significant progress._AMT

The PreIND application has received a positive response from the US FDA at the end of last year. The FDA affirms Nanoray’s original combination product consisting of low-dose….

2019 / 7 / 25 

Nanoray develops innovative low-emission Transmission X-ray technology

Nanoray is mainly engaged in the research and development of innovative low-emission Transmission X-ray technology….