Auger Molecular Therapy – Principle

Auger Molecular Therapy (AMT) is a novel combination therapy for cancer treatment, applying a specific heavy-atom drug followed by local irradiation with characteristic X-Ray beams generated by the patented transmission type X-ray tube developed by NanoRay Biotech.

An exclusive design of transmission type X-ray module that generates characteristic beams

The 33 keV characteristic X-ray generated by the patented transmission type X-ray tube developed by NanoRay Biotech enables efficient inductions of “Auger effect” in specific heavy atom, which is applicable to cancer treatment.

What is Auger Effect?

“Auger Effect” is a physical phenomenon independently discovered by physicists Lise Meitner and Pierre Auger in 1922 - 1925. Auger effect is the filling of an inner-shell vacancy (e.g. K or L level) by an electron from an outer energy level of the same atom. The process is accompanied by the release of excess energy, which can cause the emission of another electron (the so-called “Auger electron”) from the same atom.
Auger electron has a short travel distance (<10 nm) but releases a high energy locally, which can induce violent damage on neighboring biomolecules. If Auger effect can be triggered in cancer DNA, it would cause extensive DNA damage and cancer cell death.

How does “Auger Molecular Therapy (AMT)” work?

AMT is applied to cancer therapy by local injection of a drug, IUdR, which is an iodinated Thymidine analogue and can be incorporated into cancer DNA, followed by the irradiation with 33 keV characteristic X-ray generated from NanoRay Biotech’s transmission type X-ray source. Since the energy of 33 keV photon matches the K-edge energy of Iodine, it enables efficient inductions of Auger effect on IUdR in cancer DNA.
Through IUdR, AMT targets cancer cells and mediates violent damage in cancer DNA via Auger electrons. AMT can be considered as a novel “target radiotherapy”, with better safety and effectiveness.

Research and Development

The research team of NanoRay Biotech has stationed in National Biotechnology Research Park since 2020. Through basic research, NanoRay Biotech continues to uncover new applications based on our X-ray technology.