Nanoray Biotech Co. publishes research and development results, international Symposium of Auger Electron attracts attention.

Commercial Times /  China Times 2023.9.11

NanoRay Biotech is invited to present its current progress of Auger Molecular Therapy on Sep. 7, in 10th International Symposium on the Physical, Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects of Auger Electron Processes

The scientists worldwide are gathering in Montpellier (France) for the 10th International Auger Symposium held on Sep. 6 – 8, 2023. It is also the centenary for the first article describing “Auger effect”, published by the French scientist Pierre Auger. Auger Effect is a physical phenomenon that describes the filling of an inner-shell vacancy by an electron from an outer energy level, which is accompanied by the release of excess energy and the emission of another electron (the so-called “Auger electron”) from the same atom. Auger effect has been an attractive topic in cancer therapy for decades, because Auger electrons have an impact in small area (within 100 nm) that can effectively damage cancer DNA without spreading to surround normal tissues. It has been demonstrated in animal model that the monochromatic radiation generated by synchrotron accelerator has a superior anti-tumor effect. Nevertheless, it is difficult to translate the same model to clinical study because of the limitations in site and regulations. Auger Molecular Therapy developed by NanoRay Biotech attracts much attention in the symposium as the unique design of transmission-target X-ray module is able to generate characteristic photons similar to synchrotron radiation, efficiently induce Auger effect in cancer DNA when combined with specific heavy-atom drug.

Auger Molecular Therapy has been approved for IND by US FDA, and a phase 1 clinical trial will start in Taipei Medical University Hospital by 2023. Meanwhile, NanoRay Biotech is actively looking for potential partners and funders abroad for the clinical translation of this novel technology.

●Dr. Lin, Chief Technology Officer of Nanoray Biotech Co., announced the research and development results and clinical progress of Auger molecular therapy at the 10th Auger Electronics International Symposium. The innovative technology was highly recognized by on-site medical experts and scholars. Picture/Provided by Nanoray Biotech Co.