2023 American Osteopathic Medicine Annual Meeting & Expo

“Taiwan Excellence” made its first appearance at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Expo, the world’s largest and most influential global orthopedic medical conference, and exhibition from March 8 to 10 to compete for global orthopedic equipment business. In addition to being reported by the AAOS NOW publication, “Taiwan Excellence” arranged four “Taiwan Excellence Enterprises,” including United Orthopedics, Taiwan Sunglasses, NanoRay Biotech, and BioGend Biomedical, to share new products and technologies at the “Innovation Theater” of AAOS. They were interviewed by many professional orthopedic media such as Orthopedics This Week and Orthowrold and negotiated with well-known medical channels such as Verve Medical and PIEMCA. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 20,000 visits from more than 30 countries’ orthopedic physician members and related workers from the United States, Canada, Spain, South Africa, etc., successfully highlighting Taiwan’s medical industry’s strength.


Michael Liu, Director of Economic Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural in Los Angeles, pointed out in his speech at the conference that in 2021 Taiwan was America’s eighth-largest trading partner and one of America’s ten fastest-growing investment source countries. The United States is Taiwan’s second-largest trading partner and the world’s largest medical market; In the field of orthopedics, Taiwan ranks fourth in global citation rates for bone journals in the top 15 globally. It has specialized divisions with many international-level bone specialists who provide integrated solutions that are high-quality and meet various treatment needs.


After two years of absence due to the COVID-19, global orthopedic medical members gathered again in Las Vegas, USA. Five “Taiwan Excellence Enterprises,” including United Orthopedics, Taiwan Sunglasses, NanoRay Biotech, BioGend Biomedical, and Energy Resources International exhibited high-strength alloy joint series, intelligent surgical navigation systems, low-dose hand X-ray diagnostic systems, autologous cartilage repair systems, portable X-ray machines at the “Taiwan Excellence Pavilion.” They brought new technologies and excellent products to this (2023) year’s important theme of AAOS.

During the “Innovation Theater”, Taiwan Sunglasses shared the “Caduceus S MR Smart Surgical Glasses Spinal Navigation System,” which has just been certified by the FDA. It uses augmented reality to generate accurate 3D spinal anatomy structures to help clinical surgeons improve surgical accuracy and reduce medical time; Nanoray Biotech released “RevoluX,” an AI Hand Diagnostic Radiography Imaging System that has been certified by the US FDA. It obtains bone age / bone density reports with low radiation doses within five seconds and becomes a CAD (Computer-assisted diagnosis) for children and elderly; United Orthopedics shared “USTER II Reconstructive Bone Joint,” which is easy to assemble and has the least amount of bone cutting on the market. It provides the best solution for joint reconstruction surgery; BioGend Biomedical released a disposable autologous cartilage repair system “Love Knee Health” (RevoCart), which brings new hope for joint degeneration patients with less than one hour of minimally invasive regeneration surgery.