NanoRay News-Food foreign material detection

In recent years, with the vigorous development of social media and the rising consumer awareness, the control of foreign materials in food has become an issue of great concern and attention to food manufacturers and the catering industry. This is not only related to the issue of consumer and food safety, but may also give negative impact on brands and reputation of enterprise. In the process of food manufacturing and processing factories, due to raw material pollution, environmental pollution in the factory, etc., foreign objects that should not exist in the food, such as fish bones, stones, glass, plastic sheets, metal, etc.. These foreign objects will cause oral cuts, broken teeth, fishbone choking and other injuries while consumers are eating. When the injury is caused, food factories will suffer huge financial and damage of reputation caused by product recycling, injury compensation, and health unit fines. X-ray inspection equipment in food inspection applications through fluoroscopy product images and automatic comparison and identification software to increase the inspection rate and ensure the food sanitation.

Healthy non-staple foods are mainly high value-added products for the elderly, infants and special patients. The quality and safety verification is an indicator of consumer trust in the brand.