USFDA approval of Revolux

NanoRay Biotech Co. has been devoted to researches and developments of patented transmission X-ray technology. By generating a monochromatic spectrum with a specific niche of beam energy contributing to higher image contract, lower energy consumption and decreased absorbing dosage for patients, the transmission X-ray tube is able to provide a much safer, faster and more affordable choice in medical imaging, especially in pediatric field. As the world’s first “Made- in- Taiwan” low energy hand X-ray device, Revolux is comprised of the unique transmission X-Ray tube, digital image sensor, imaging software system and a radiation contained housing. Furthermore, Revolux revels not only an elegant appearance but also a high-level safety and protective design which is intended to provide a high-quality environment for patients taking the image. On May 1st 2022, it was announced that Revolux officially gained approval from USFDA. For future application, NanoRay Biotech Co. aims to provide a better healthcare service in the medical needs of children’s bone age diagnosis, bone density detection for both the elderly men and women, early diagnosis for rheumatoid arthritis, as well as hand bone reconstructive surgery.