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We believe the Nanoray technology can effectively reduce the dose of medical imaging diagnosis, and provide people with safer, faster, and more economical imaging options through smaller power and larger beam angle.


Mammography is a medical imaging that detects changes in breast microcalcifications or abnormal shadows of early lesions. High-quality mammograms can help detect breast cancer at its earliest stage for treatment to engage in.
Through the exclusive target design and commercially available Flat Panel Display (FPD), the “Nanoray.Tube” features can meet this functional requirement to achieve the best conversion efficiency and produce the best quality image.
The benefit of conventional mammography receiving considerable doses and the early detection of lesions is way more than the risks of radiation exposure, which means there is no need for chemotherapy in some patients.
The “Nanoray.Tube” with high luminous efficiency can effectively reduce the dose of mammography and the exposure risk to X-rays.

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