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We believe the Nanoray technology can effectively reduce the dose of medical imaging diagnosis, and provide people with safer, faster, and more economical imaging options through smaller power and larger beam angle.
Hand Diagnostic Radiography


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Features & Advantages

Designed Specifically for Hands and Wrists

  • This system specifically developed for hand diagnostic radiology combined with the patented technology calls “NanoRay.Tube” whcih is the new generation of benchtop products with penetrating tube and features with low radiation dose and integrated radiation protection design.

Friendly use and easy installation without additional radiation protection

  • Through the simple setup, you can connect the in-house medical system to build a safe and fast medical imaging model and improve the user experience. No additional radiation chambers and can be installed in any radiation-free environment.
    ReveluX focus on specific parts and no excess radiation overflow without any requirment of wearing protective apron, neither on patents nor clinicians.

AI integration to improve efficiency

  • Integrate AI-assisted diagnosis system can be applied to bone age, bone density fast screening and gout fast screening

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Solutions for Hands and Wrists

Children Growing Tracking Program

Assessment of skeletal maturity is a common procedure frequently performed in clinical practice. Hand and wrist X-rays are considered important indicators of biological age specifically in children.

Bone age is often affected by many factors, including genetics, nutritional imbalances, health factors (such as precocious puberty), obesity and other issues can affect body height.

A new method to infer the maturity of the whole body skeleton is this product combines with the AI ​​diagnostic function can be equivalent to a professional pediatric endocrinologist who makes an overall assessment based on the actual physiological age accompanying growth and development trends.

The Solution of Population Aging

Quick Screening for Gout

Gout stone is the crystal of sodium urate which is easy to appear in gout patients have not been treated for a long time or poor disease control. Although chronic gout stone does not cause severe pain like acute gout attack but it still cause damage to joints and internal organs. There is also a risk of bacterial infection if the skin is abraded carelessly.
Combines with clinical tracking of this product through fast detection (Fast Screening), the appropriate treatment can be performed in the early stage of gout occurs.

BMD bone density test

The diagnosis of osteoporosis based on the bone mineral density , we call T-score (T-score) which is less than or equal to -2.5 to determine and the central axis dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, DXA) as the gold standard. It is expected to use this product to combine clinical and AI big data analysis to construct hand X-ray images to interpret BMD data which only takes 5 sec to get an X-ray diagnosis report to achieve the purpose of rapid screening.

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