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Medical Imaging Fluoroscopic X-ray Machine

We believe the Nanoray technology can effectively reduce the dose of medical imaging diagnosis, and provide people with safer, faster, and more economical imaging options through smaller power and larger beam angle.

Fluoroscopic X-ray Machine

Features & Advantages

Low dose for infants and children

  • This imaging system specially developed for infnat and children which is the patented penetrating tube calls “Nanoray.Tube” with low radiation dose characteristics

Easy mobility

  • The whole machine is light, high mobility and no limitation to a fixed or narrow area. It is user friendly and can improve nursing care protocol.
    This intelligent robotic arm can be moved and operated with feasibility and flexibility.

More Lighter

  • More than 60 degrees wide luminous angle reduces the object distance with arm stretching lower.
    High luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, small generator and battery compartment.
    Mobile models are lighter than traditional ones with short wheelbase and large PU wheels.

The summary of the FDA draft proposal is as follows

  • X-ray equipment manufacturers develop lower dose machines (device)
  • Establish appropriate testing procedures and dose monitoring (protocol)
  • Hospitals purchase X-ray equipment specially designed for infants and children (procurement)
  • The hospitals replace or avoid using the old and unsuitable equipment.(replacement)

According to the official statistics of FDA, 43% of neonates diagnosed by radiation are exposed to excessive radiation. Hence, neonates organs are not fully developed and their future life expectancy is longer than adults that may lead to a higher risk of cancer.

Product Details

Clinical Use

This radiology imaging is specially designed for the general wards, ICU , incubators, pediatricians and general physcians.

Medical Imaging

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Fluoroscopic X-ray Machine

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