Radiation Therapy

The low-energy characteristic X-ray source developed by NanoRay Biotech is suitable for therapy to tumors on or near body surface, with less adverse effects to patients

Autron Molecular Therapy



Keloid is caused by hyperplasia of fibrous tissue while repairing from injury. Extra scar tissue grows, forming smooth, hard growths that exceed the injured area.

Around 10% of the people worldwide have suffered from Keloid.

  • Current treatment includes steroid, cryotherapy, laser, surgery and radiotherapy. Except for RT, most treatment have high recurrency and serious side effects when it comes to long-term treatment.
  • Our characteristic X-Ray source provides a better option for treating keloid with same efficacy and lower side effects.
  • High motility allows the therapy to be conducted without restrictions of treatment location.
  • High safety without extra radiation emitted to nearby tissues.

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