Auger Molecular Therapy – Principle

Auger Molecular Therapy (AMT) is a novel combination therapy for cancer treatment, applying a specific heavy-atom drug followed by local irradiation with characteristic X-Ray beams generated by the patented transmission type X-ray tube developed by NanoRay Biotech.

What is Auger Effect?

“Auger Effect” is a serial process inside atoms started from an electron vacancy on the K or L level of the electron orbit. A downward electron transition is followed by a release of characteristic energy accounting for the level separation. Once the energy gets to the electrons at the outer level, they will be ejected from the atoms. Those ejected electrons are then the so-called “Auger electrons”.

An exclusive design of a transmission mono-Xray module

The AUTRON Therapy System generates characteristic X-Ray photons around 33.4 keV, followed by a low penetration rate in biological materials (Half-Value Layer 0.46 mm aluminum; 50% energy reduction in the depth of 1.2 - 1.6 cm in water), which give the maximum dose on superficial lesions and much reduced dose on peripheral or deep normal tissues

How does Auger Effect cure diseases?

The combination product is intended to induce Auger effect to augment the damage on tumor cells, while lowering the adverse effect on normal cells. IUdR is an iodinated thymidine analogue that is preferentially incorporated into DNA in rapid growing cells (such as cancer cells) after administration. The AUTRON Therapy System generates characteristic X-Ray photons around 33.4 keV, matching the K-edge energy of Iodine (33.17 keV), which can efficiently induce emissions of Auger electrons when hitting the Iodine atoms on IUdR in cancer DNA, resulting in extensive DNA damage and cancer cell death.

Research Team and Results

Our team settled a biological lab in in NBRP in mid 2020. Possessing national resources and biological expertise, our team has been studying and creating value in Molecular Radio-Oncology.

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“Target radiation” is a new era of radio-oncology that offers a safer and better choice for patients.
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